Tuesday, 17 December 2013

the heros journey in the lost hero

ordinary world 

jason is on a school bus going to the grand canyon with the wilderness school and then he wakes up and he doesn't remember anything.

call to adventure

jason gets attacked by storm spirits and coach hedge gets taken away
and piper falls off of the cliff and jason goes to save her and realizes he can fly

refusal to the call

jason doesn't think that he actually
 got his memories stolen

crossing the threshold

jason goes into camp half blood and goes
on a quest to get his memories back.

enemies trials and allies 

jasons enemies are storm spirits,giants,earthborn,witches, and pretty much everything else.
jasons allies are piper,leo,festus their golden dragon
jasons trials are fighting giants


temptation for piper is that if she abandons her friends she will get her father back

the underworld

jason fights the giant ment to destroy zous.

the trasnsformation

jason gets some of his memorys back

the return

they go back to camp half blood and tell them about what happened

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